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Welcome to the Ranch that is Pants.
I'm Steve Perry, the real Steve Perry. Well, this (gag) is my site. I have tried to update this damned thing again, but to no avail. I have no time. Oh well. There is some new stuff lyin' around. Just lookat you'll probably find it. That's all I have to say. Have a nice day.
These are my updates to the page..... don't expect me to update everyday... I'm not that much of a Go-Getter.

1/12/01 I created the page... duh
1/18/01 Did some stuff to it, added guestbook, sign it
2/3/01Did some more stuff
Check Out the Video Page
3/2/01 Did some more stuff

If you wanna E-mail me...
Hey, you can E-mail me if you'd like (I don't know if it'll work, though). If it doesn't say my E-mail name on it automatically, it's stevenperry42@yahoo.com.
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Cool parts of my site
Ok, to the left there should be a list of the other pages of my site. Feel free to visit them. (They're the only cool part of this anyway).

Also, check out the Funny Stuff Page

Funny movie of a granny and a baby (not sick, don't worry)